The RPB platform is a web-based solution which supports collection and exchange of radiotherapy specific research data in large scale multi-centre clinical and pre-clinical studies. It delivers a study management and electronic data capture system with special extensions dedicated to secure upload of medical imaging and treatment plans in DICOM format.

Getting Started

This section explains how to log in, change your current active study and be aware of changes happening in RPB IT infrastructure.

Log In to Portal

To access the RPB platform, in your web browser go to the RPB-portal home page. If you do not know the URL address, please contact the local administrator of RPB at your site.

Login screen.

Fig. 1 Login screen.

In order to navigate to the RPB login form, please click on first login link on the page as it is highlighted in the Fig. 1. Afterwards you will be asked to provide your authentication credentials (user name and password) which will grand you role based access to the RPB features. The minimal permission of user is ROLE_USER.


RPB provides multiple authentication methods. The default way is to use the RPB EDC user account. With this account user can access complete range of RPB features (e.g. study as well as imaging data). However RPB is modular and could be deployed also to the environment without EDC (with limited functionality), e.g. when different EDC system is used. For such a scenarios the user will have to connect with different authorisation method. It is also possible to use LDAP based user authentication.

Change a Current Active Study

When you use RPB, you usually work within a scope of specific study and partner site. The name of the current active study is visible above the main menu at left side of the screen. In order to change the active study you have to click on the name of the active study in top menu, see Fig. 2.

Change active study menu.

Fig. 2 Change active study menu.

User Profile

You can access your RPB user profile details by clicking on the link with your username in the right upper section of the portal page as shown in Fig. 3. In addition to properties of your account, you can check as well which permissions are activated for your account (User Roles) as well as list the audit log summarising audit events that have been executed via your user account (Audit Logs).

User profile page.

Fig. 3 User profile page.

Read RSS news

RPB has a simple RSS module, Fig. 4, where users with necessary permissions can publish important news about development and maintenance of particular RPB platform instance. This news are shown at the RPB home page, to get there just click on the Home option in main menu at the lefts side of the screen.

RSS news feed.

Fig. 4 RSS news feed.


There is also a direct link to the RSS news feed in the footer of RPB portal page. This link can be used to subscribe for RSS news updates from standard RSS viewer software.

Log Out

To log out from RPB, click Logout link in the right upper section of the portal page as shown in Fig. 5.

Logout action link.

Fig. 5 Logout action link.

Portal Page Layout

The layout of RPB portal main page is separated to several areas with predefined features. Every page contains of the following areas depicted in Fig. 5: Top of page (Header) - a), Top menu (Below the header) - b), Main menu (Left side) - c), Body of page - d), Bottom of page (Footer) - e).

Top of Page

The top of the page is the header area of the page. It contains (from left to right):

RPB logo which navigates back to the RPB home page RPB partner site title Notification of logged user with login/ logout and home button

Top Menu

Below the top page header there is a top menu. This menu consists of:

Notification of current active study for user (left) Bread crumb navigation to show where in the hierarchy of the menu the user is currently

Body of Page

What you see in the body of the page is depending on the module which you are accessing.

Bottom of Page

The bottom of the page contains:

  • Home: RPB portal home page
  • Platform: Short introduction into the RPB project
  • Licence: Licensing rules
  • Software: List of software for download (RPB desktop client)
  • Help: Link the on-line manual you are reading right now
  • RSS: Direct link to RSS source for RPB portal
  • Impressum:
  • Contact: Send an email to RPB portal administration
  • Version Number: The version number is for the RPB portal software you are using